Thursday, July 26, 2012

Out of This World Yoga Journey

Hello Again Norwich Yogis!
What a great time we had at the Otis Library! This time our journey took us into space where we flew past our friend the moon and explored some of the stories that are hidden in the stars. On our way back home we saluted the sun and returned to Earth for a relaxing story about the light that lives within all of us. 

Here are the poses we did during our SPACE Yoga Journey:

    Blast Off
    Space Shuttle          
    Half Moon                                                    
    5 Pointed Star
    Warrior 1 & 2  (constellation Orion)
    Dog - Down Dog & Up Dog  (constellation Sirus)                                                              
    Scorpion (constellation Scorpio)
    Twin – Partner Tree (constellation Gemini)
    Crescent Moon
    Return To Earth      
    Savasana (Spark in the Dark)

Throughout the year I hope you have the opportunity on a clear night to peek out the window or stand away from the city lights to see if you can identify some constellations like the ones we talked about today. Let your wonderful imagination carry you to far of places and remember that your beautiful breathing will always lead you home. 

Please let me know what YOU see in the sky! Be well and keep stretching your mind, body and heart. 

Om, Shanti, Shanti, Peace


-Ms. Jen

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