Saturday, February 4, 2012

World Myths at Otis Library

Hello Norwich Yogis!
Thank you so much for letting me come to the Otis Library today. We traveled around the globe to explore some of the world's most popular myths. We talked about what a myth is and imagined our own mythical creature. I can't believe we traveled all around the planet in 45 minutes!

Here are the poses we did today during Your MYTHS AROUND THE WORLD Yoga Journey:

  • Water Bottle Breathing

  • Breath of Fire

  • Sun Stretches

  • Airplane

  • Dragon (England)

  • Warrior 1 & 2 (England - Dragon Slayers)

  • Down Dog (Greece - Cerberus)

  • Snake (Greece - Medusa )

  • Spider (Africa - Anansi)

  • Elephant (India- Ganesh)

  • Crocodile (Australia - Bunyip)

  • Lion (Australia - Bunyip)

  • Volcano (Hawaii - Pele)

  • Savasana (Spark in the Dark)

Everyone went home with a plain paper bag. I invite you to take some time this week to decorate your bag like a mythical creature. Feel free to do one we talked about or create your own. Feel free to post a comment to let me know what creature you created.
Hope to see you again soon.

Om, Shanti, Shanti, Peace


-Ms. Jen

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