Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Magical Stew Journey in Clinton & Deep River

Hello Clinton and Tri-Town Friends, Thank you so much for joining me at the library this week. With wild imaginations at full power we traveled together to a far off land for “Our MAGICAL STEW Yoga Journey.” Along the way we found friends to help our Wizard Warrior save the day by preparing a scrumptious feast for that hungry dragon. I am so glad you shared such wonderful examples of your favorite food. This is a great time of year to make delicious treats and share them with family and friends.

You all did such a great job making our story come to life. Here are the poses we did together:

Stew Pot Breathing Sun Stretches 5 Pointed Start
Wizard Warrior 1 & 2
Crescent Moon
Magic Cat (cat to cow)

I hope that you will practice these poses and will share your yoga expertise with others. Just contact me if you need a reminder of what any of the poses look like or if you think of another friend that you might be a good addition to this journey.
Happy eating, have fun exploring and don't forget to let those imaginations run wild.
Om, shanti, shanti, peace.
Ms. Jen

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